Somenath Bakshi
Harvard University
Cambridge Department of Engineering

Somenath has been appointed to a faculty position in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He studies biological control systems and has developed a novel microfluidic platform to count proteins with extremely low abundances in live cells. These low-copy number proteins are the key players for fluctuations in gene-expression in bacteria. Cells have elaborate control circuits in order to suppress or to exploit the internal fluctuations arising from noisy gene-expression. He has developed high-throughput time-lapse imaging technology that enables systems-level, genome-wide analysis of such control circuits. These platforms and a library of reporters allow characterisation and improvement of synthetic control circuits.

Somenath is currently working with Dr. Johan Paulsson at Harvard Medical School. He did his graduate research in Prof. James C. Weisshaar's lab in the Department of Chemistry in University of Wisconsin Madison. In graduate school, he used Superresolution imaging and single-molecule tracking to study how genetic information is transferred from chromosomal DNA to proteins in E. coli cells.