Lab members

Post Doctoral Research Associate:  Dr. Renu Kumari

Ph.D. Students:  

Ms. Archana Yadav  
Mr. Amish Kumar  
Mr. Sanjeeth Mahtha  
Ms. Citu Gulia

Project Staff:  Ms. Jyotsna Pandey

Technical Staff:  Mr. Sudesh Kumar

Gita Yadav
Department of Plant Sciences

Gita's group specialises in the application of computational and 3D structure modelling approaches to genomics and phytochemistry. Her interests are in the area of complex network perturbations, with specific focus on finding patterns in, and reducing the dimensionality of, large scale HTP datasets in biology. She is one of the first appointees of an Indo-UK Lectureship at the department, jointly supported by the Cambridge and the Govt of India.

Gita has developed a method to explore robustness of molecular networks through induction of a variety of random and targeted perturbations on real and stochastic networks; simulating single or grouped knock outs, followed by systematic investigation of network response in terms of altered measures of centrality. She is now working towards improvement of this algorithm to simulate knock-downs in directed and weighted graphs. 

In PhytoCODE, Gita hopes to superimpose the single cell transcriptomes of Marchantia, with binding site classifiers for it's 398 Transcription Factors, to construct spatio-temporal gene regulatory networks that would support identification of target candidates for validation in the partner laboratories.

Awards & Honors: Hamied Award (2018) by the University of Cambridge, UK; Indian Young Ambassador Award (2018) by National Academy of Sc & Engg USA and Akademi Sains Malaysia; Early Career Award Selection for Commonwealth CSC (2017) by the Royal Society of London, UK; DBT-Cambridge Lectureship (2016) ; SERB ' Women Excellence Award' (2013) by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India. ; Haryana Yuva Vigyan Ratna Award (2010-11) by the Haryana State HSCST ; INSA Medal for Young Scientists (2011) [Biochemistry & Biophysics] by the Indian National Science Academy ;Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award (2009) from the National Academy of Sciences India (NASI) ; Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA), DBT, India - 2005.

Training and Outreach Activities:  Gita is a trainer at the Cambridge Craik Marshall Building (Department of Bioinformatics) and regularly conducts workshops in the use of R for Genomics and Biological Data Analysis. For the past decade, as coordinator of the NIPGR Distributed Information Sub Centre (DISC) facility under DBT's Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNET) program of the Govt of India, Gita conducted short- and long-term training in the area of Computational Biology, including annual Bioinformatics workshops and hands-on training of students for two to six months. These workshops and studentship programs are designed to help researchers aware of available tools in plant computational biology and its applications. 

Recent Publications

Priya P, Yadav A, Jyoti C and Yadav G (2018)  TERZYME: A Tool for Quantification and Analysis of the plant Terpenome. Plant Methods 14(4): doi 10.1186/s13007-017-0269-0

Yadav A, Thakur JK and  Yadav G (2017)  KIXBASE: A Comprehensive web resource for identification and exploration of KIX domains. Scientific Reports 7(1):14924.

Yadav G and Mohanty, D (2017) Databases developed in India for Biological Sciences. Journal of Proteins and Proteomics 8(3), 159-167

Patra B, Kon Y, Yadav G, Sevold A,.. Hintze A, Galas D and Ray A (2017) A genome wide dosage suppressor network reveals genetic robustness Nucleic Acids Research 45(1),255–270